Monday, January 30, 2012

Etsy Banner and Business Card Design for "Made4munchkins"

Kimberly is looking for an Etsy banner and Business Card design that reflect the beautiful natural toys she makes. She wants to incorporate a nice, easy-to-read font, natural colors, and woodland animals.

Let me know what you think of the mock-ups!

Click image to view larger:

Hyena Cart Design for "The Green Room Soap Company"

I recently worked with Christine on her Twitter Design and was excited to again work with her on her Hyena Cart!

She wanted her Hyena Cart to match her Twitter, but with her tree logo placed on a hill. Here's the mock-up. Colors, placement, etc., can all be changed around. :)

Click image to view larger:

CPSC Registration Cards for "Bubamara Kids"

Sarah contacted me last week about designing her CPSC Registration Cards for the gorgeous Mei Tais and Ring Slings she makes.

Here are the mock-ups! The dotted line in the middle is meant to be perforated and easy for Sarah's customers to tear off and mail back to her. The design is very technically challenging (the government regulates every little part of the cards, including how many millimeters tall and wide each square must be!) but aesthetically not the most stunning. :) Hopefully I'll be able to work with Sarah again in the future on something fun to match her darling ladybug logo.

Click images to view larger. Note: customer information blurred to protect privacy.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Twitter Design for "The Green Room Soap Company"

Christine purchased a custom Twitter design to match her new logo. The logo is beautiful and I've created a couple different mock-ups to match.

Two different views are shown for each of the mock-ups. The first has a background made using elements from her logo; the second is made to match her colors.

Let me know what you think! *Colors, for all the backgrounds, borders, tables, etc., can be changed. :)

Click image to view larger:

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Congo Design for "Creative Hearts"

I've been invited to join a new Congo on Hyena Cart called, "Creative Hearts"! I love these ladies and am so excited to be part of this Congo.

They wanted to use reds and golds and to feature a red heart as the logo. I really enjoyed working with such a bold color palette! The background was fun to make but I think my favorite was creating the logo.

Creative Hearts stocks every Thursday at 12:oopm EST.

Here's the mock-up:

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Guest Vendor "ReUsables"

Welcome to "ExtraOrdinary ReUsables", our new guest vendor at "Creative Mamas"!

"Creative Mamas" stocks every other Friday at 12:00pm EST.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Business Card Design for "Nice and Knotty"

Finished up the business card design for Jessica! I incorporated her new logo and business information.

Click image to view larger:

Visit Jessica's shop at: Nice and Knotty

Note: personal information changed to protect privacy.

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