Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mock-ups for "Dreamseeds Organics", Part 7

Kristena's new header and mock-ups for Etsy banner and avatars/thumbnails.

Thumbnail sizes: 400x400px, 200x200px, 125x125px, and 75x75px.

Click images to view larger:

Spotted Box for April!

I received my Spotted Box today and was so excited that my box was packed with tons of goodies!

Cloth diaper, dishwasher sample, handmade soaps, lotions, lip balms, button, earrings, lollipops, velour facecloth, doll hat, cloth fortune cookie, child's headband, wipes, bows, decal, and more!

I enjoy being a sponsor of the box because I like promoting small businesses and work at home moms, love receiving my own box, and appreciate the extra business that comes through my sponsor page:

A couple of pics of my awesome spotted box. Click images to view larger:

I love receiving my box and discovering all the useful samples included therein. Click here to find out more about: The Spotted Box

Mock-ups for "My Happy Crazy Life"

Updated blog header and a few thumbnail mock-ups for Amy Sue from "Zany Zebra Designs". :)

Shown at 300x300px and 150x150px.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy Birthday K3!

Our son's birthday was today and we had such a fun day with him. He lost a tooth last night and was excited that the tooth fairy gets to come visit tonight. :)

His sweet little brother woke him up this morning by kissing his cheek and saying, "Happy Birthday!" It warmed my heart. These two kiddos really love each other and I feel so blessed.

K3 wanted "those donuts with melted sugar on top" (glazed) for his school birthday treats and I was excited that his teacher actually let him pass the treats out to his classmates. We went to his "favorite Chinese restaurant" for dinner and he loved his "favorite teriyaki chicken". His Daddy bought a Monster Truck card for him with a big "6" on the front. He was thrilled. :)

He received many phone calls today from relatives and it was so cute to see him talking on the phone with everyone. He even got a birthday postcard from his dentist! He thought that was pretty cool.

We had Scouts tonight so we made chocolate chip cookies with them in honor of K3's birthday (it also counts for part of the Cooking Achievement for the Scouts and hey, who doesn't like cookies?!)

K3 received a Buzz Lightyear Lego Rocket and Toy Story pajamas. He was so excited and spent all of Scouts putting together the rocket by himself. He did a fantastic job.

After the Scouts left K3 blew out the candles on his giant birthday cookie and then shared it with all of us. What a sweetheart. We read through his photo album that Oma and Opa made for his 4th birthday. He loved seeing all the pics of himself with his loved ones.

Tonight he told us this was his best birthday ever. :)

May you have many, many, many more wonderful birthdays with us sweetheart. We love you!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mock-ups for "Under the Hill Crafts", Part 4

Thumbnail/Avatar Mock-ups for Kristina!

Sizes shown: 400x400px, 200x200px, 125x125px, and 75x75px.

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Mock-ups for "Canadian Cloth", Part 2

New Etsy header and avatar mock-ups for Melanie's shop!

Avatar sizes shown: 400x400px, 200x200px, 125x125px, and 75x75px.

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Friday, April 23, 2010

Coming Soon: JoyfulRose Brochure Design

Since 2007 I've been including high-quality instructional brochures along with each of my JoyfulRose slings. They've been very useful to my customers and a fantastic marketing tool for my business.

I look forward to helping my fellow Small Business owners by offering Custom Brochure Designs!

Etsy Banner, Thumbnails, and Final Label Design for "Canadian Cloth"

We're finishing up the details for Melanie's shop and I just love her look!

Click images to view larger:

Final Label Design:

A couple mock-ups for her Etsy header:

A few mock-ups for her Thumbnails:

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Animated Banners for "Creative Mamas" - Flower Hunt

In preparation for our upcoming Flower Hunt at "Creative Mamas" (taking the place of the Great Cloth Diaper Hunt), I created these animated banners for advertising. I really like the softness of the background and the flowers popping up.

Navbar for "Canadian Cloth"

We tried putting simple text buttons at the bottom of Melanie's shop, but it was missing something. She suggested adding matching icons; I thought they'd look better as a navigation bar (navbar), and the combination looks perfect!

Click image to view larger:

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mock-up for "Dreamseeds Organics", Part 7

Italicized text for the tag-line. :)

Click image to view larger:

Mock-up for "Canadian Cloth" Labels

A couple of mock-ups for Melanie's clothing label design.

Click image to view larger:

Mock-up for "Dreamseeds Organics", Part 6

Here's the header with the capital "D", the non-florescent hills, and smaller font for the tag-line.

Click to view larger:

New Avatars/Thumbnails for "Creative Mamas" Congo

Here are the newest avatars/thumbnails for "Creative Mamas"!

Click image to view larger:

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mock-ups for "Dreamseeds Organics", Part 5

Kris loves the latest design but wanted to see how the hills would look if they were a bit darker (they looked florescent on her friend's computer; we certainly don't want that with this design!)

Newest mock-ups. First image is the original, second had darker hills, third has the same hills as the second but with a capital "D" for the shop name.

Click to view larger:

Mock-up for "Canadian Cloth", Part 2

Melanie loved the designs. :)

She wanted to see how the background from #5 would look like if it were lighter, and with the header from #4.

Click image to view larger!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Mock-ups for "Canadian Cloth"

I'm so excited to be working with Melanie. She's from Canada (which is fun for me; one of my best friends is from Canada).

Her requests for her new Hyena Cart design: soft, neutral colors, browns, blues, warm and inviting, upscale, and perhaps a maple leaf. I've enjoyed working on a few preliminary mock-ups to showcase her higher-end minky and embellished diapers.

Fonts, images, backgrounds, colors, and etc., can all be changed.

Click images to view larger:

Mock-ups for "Dreamseeds Organics", Part 4

I received a package today from Kristena today and everything looks and smells wonderful! So excited to start using the products. :)

Another mock-up for her, with a straight top and large tree. Click image to view larger:

Mock-ups for "Under the Hill Crafts", Part 3

A few more mock-ups for Kristina!

The last image may be a bit too blurry but I thought it would be good to include it for the color scheme.

Click images to view larger:

Update on Our Son

Our youngest has recovered very quickly and is doing so much better! I'm sure his mouth and gums are still recovering from all the dental work, but he's been in such a happy mood. We're so grateful for skilled medical professionals who were able to help our son. Thank you.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dental Surgery for Our Youngest :(

Our youngest son went through 1.5 hours of dental surgery today. We were extremely worried about him, but he did really well and the dentist, anesthesiologist, and staff were wonderful.

We received the phone call last night that his surgery was scheduled for this morning. The receptionist scheduled us but forgot to call us (whoops!). We were very surprised to receive a phone call from the anesthesiologist asking if we had any questions about our son's surgery the next morning!

Everything was sorted out quickly, then the surgery before us cancelled, so we were moved up to 7:30am. At least we didn't have very long to stress about the upcoming surgery, right?

Our sweet little guy ended up quite a few crowns. We felt terrible for him. Especially since we brush his teeth fairly regularly and had no idea there was any problem until his first dentist visit on Monday.

He's a trooper though, and we're hoping he'll feel better very quickly.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Flower Icons for "Creative Mamas" Congo

In preparation for our upcoming Flower Hunt at "Creative Mamas" I created these cute little buttons for our customers to find!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mock-ups for "Under the Hill Crafts", Part 2

A few more sets of mock-ups for Kristina. :)

Click images to view larger.

Note: third set of images have a few trouble spots. 2nd image is quite pixelated in the original resulting in a somewhat blurry background. 3rd image is the small version from Shutterstock; hard to tell how the final, larger version would look (if this background is chosen, we'll purchase it and have the higher resolution which will make for a clearer picture.)

Copyright notice: all images used are in the public domain, with the exception of the last image which will be purchased from Shutterstock if chosen.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mock-ups for "Under the Hill Crafts"

Kristina wanted a site with warm colors and preferably a scenic picture of Yosemite, which holds a very special place in her heart.

Here are a few mock-ups! Click images to view larger.

Note: font, colors, borders, etc., can all be changed. Also, these mock-ups are how her site would appear on a 1440x900 resolution monitor. See this link for more information about monitor resolutions/sizes and how they affect what the client sees.

Copyright notice: all images used are in the public domain.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Mock-ups for "Dreamseeds Organics", Part 3

I'm loving working on this design with Kris!

She liked the bird facing her shop name but wanted to try a different type of bird, more curvy tree, different tag-line font, and purple background.

Here are a few mock-ups! Click images to view larger:

Full size with gradient background. This might be my favorite; though it's a close call between this and the other tree!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mock-ups for "Dreamseeds Organics", Part 2

Kris liked the hills but wanted them to be more rounded and flow together. She wasn't sure about the birds on the left so I took those out for now. :) I also added in a sunburst to a few of the mock-ups just for fun.

I polled 4 different forums and the majority liked these two backgrounds the best.

Click to view larger:

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Little Sister is Married!

Congratulations Tami! Thanks for letting us share your beautiful day. We love you so much.

Here's a collage I created to help remember their day. (Click images to view larger)
Pictures taken by my Mom (Cynthia) from CBG Photography

Our amazing jewelry was custom made for us by lili from lili lutu:

We had a blizzard on Monday night and the snow was covering all of the pretty flowers the next morning. Tami had wanted a nice, spring wedding but ended up with a winter wedding. Poor thing!

It was very cold and windy after the wedding, but my Tami and Robbie looked radiant. I don't think they stopped smiling the whole day! Mom took pictures after the wedding and then we went to the wedding luncheon. The food was so delicious.

Afterwards we had the reception and me, another sister, and our cousin sang "Annie's Song" for Robbie and Tami. They cut their cake, did the bouquet and garter toss, had their first dance as a married couple, did the father/daughter dance (which brought tears to my eyes; it was so sweet), the mother/son dance, lots of other fun dances, and then we bid them farewell!

My husband and sons looked very handsome in their kilts. As bridesmaids we loved our beautiful dresses that were made by a family friend. There were so many people who helped out with the wedding and it made for an amazing day.

The short version of how they met: Tami went to Washington, DC to do her student teaching internship. Robbie was visiting the States from Scotland at the time and they met near the end of Tami's internship. After they both returned home, they started emailing and talking through webcam, became best friends, and started "dating". Several months later, Robbie came out to the States to visit and proposed to Tami! It took a year to get Robbie's visa sorted and the wedding planned. And the rest is now history. :)

Thank you to everyone who helped make it a wonderful, memorable day!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

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