Friday, August 10, 2007

The Significance of the Name "JoyfulRose"

The name "JoyfulRose" was created for a few different reasons.

A few years ago our family was dealing with some pretty big issues (it affected my whole extended family). When I was really sad I would look at my eldest son (he was about 1 at the time) and think about how much joy he brings into my life and know that I could keep going because of him.

I decided that I wanted to work on being a more joyful person and love life no matter what trials come our way. I also wanted my name to feel like "me" so I chose part of my middle name (Roseann) because I'm named after my grandmother and she's always been such a generous, loving person.

The Joyful part is to remind me to always find joy in life and Rose is to remember my grandma and hopefully emulate the qualities I love about her.

It was actually my screen-name for a few years before I decided to open my shop on Hyena Cart. When I started my shop I kept the name JoyfulRose as the name because I had started making more than baby slings.

My original website back in 2004 was CuddleBug Slings because our son was my little cuddlebug and loved being in his sling! :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Welcome to the JoyfulRose™ Blog!

I am a Play At Home Mom to my beautiful boys K3 and AJ. I enjoy graphics design, sewing, reading, photography, genealogy, and scuba diving. I'm eternally married to my wonderful husband, Keith. He is my best friend and gives me so much encouragement and support. We live in wonderful snowy Utah with our two boys.

I'm a small business owner of JoyfulRose™ - Designs for Joyful Living. I love creating designs for other business owners!

The story of™:

When our eldest son was born I looked around for a baby carrier that would enable me to carry him while still getting some housework done. I tried the free Maya Wrap pattern and while I liked the basic idea of a ring sling, the shoulder was uncomfortable, the material was way too wide, and there wasn't a pocket.

My husband and I spent many hours working on the perfect design and after several prototypes, the "CuddleBug Sling™" was born! I was asked to make slings for friends and encouraged to make my slings available to more people. My sweet husband helped me with the coding, and in 2004 I opened my first website: CuddleBugSlings™.

I enjoyed perfecting my sling pattern, writing up instructions for use, and taking pictures to help teach how to wear a sling. Our second son was born in 2006 and I again enjoyed using the sling to carry our newest sweetheart.

Several years later I was introduced to "Hyena Cart" and began selling slings at my new shop, "JoyfulRose™" in 2007. I also started selling children's play slings, barbie slings, "find-it bags", children's clothing, cloth diapers, Ditto Daddy™ training pants, cloth menstrual pads (aka, "mama cloth"), and wetbags.

I spent a lot of time learning basic html coding and Photoshop, and in 2008 I started doing Hyena Cart and animated banner designs for other business owners at Hyena Cart and Etsy. It was a bit easier to do the graphics because I didn't have to worry about my children getting too close to my sewing machine and serger. :P

In 2009 I changed the focus of JoyfulRose™ from slings to graphic design. I still enjoy sewing and I stock many of my handmade items on my Congos (groups of ladies who sell hand-crafted items on the same shop):

Creative Mamas - "from our hands to your home": stocking every other Friday at noon

The Enchanted Glen - "where imagination lives": stocking every other Thursday at noon

Ditto Daddy™ Gear - "adorable just got practical!": stocking every first Thursday at noon

Please visit our Congos for special items, auctions, and lotteries!

For Graphics Design, Hyena Cart and Congo Setup, Business Card and Label Designs, Etsy, ArtFire, Twitter, Blog, and other designs, please stop by our main shop at:

Thanks for stopping by!

Tina :)


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