Friday, August 10, 2007

The Significance of the Name "JoyfulRose"

The name "JoyfulRose" was created for a few different reasons.

A few years ago our family was dealing with some pretty big issues (it affected my whole extended family). When I was really sad I would look at my eldest son (he was about 1 at the time) and think about how much joy he brings into my life and know that I could keep going because of him.

I decided that I wanted to work on being a more joyful person and love life no matter what trials come our way. I also wanted my name to feel like "me" so I chose part of my middle name (Roseann) because I'm named after my grandmother and she's always been such a generous, loving person.

The Joyful part is to remind me to always find joy in life and Rose is to remember my grandma and hopefully emulate the qualities I love about her.

It was actually my screen-name for a few years before I decided to open my shop on Hyena Cart. When I started my shop I kept the name JoyfulRose as the name because I had started making more than baby slings.

My original website back in 2004 was CuddleBug Slings because our son was my little cuddlebug and loved being in his sling! :)

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