Thursday, March 19, 2009

A La Mode Congo

I've been working with the ladies of the new "A La Mode" Congo and we've finally perfected their design! Now I just need to get to work on the vendor buttons, regular buttons, and JoyfulRose icon. :)

Below are some of the ideas we worked on together. I'm thinking I'll probably work more with these designs, clean them up, create all of the necessary buttons, and offer them in my shop as "premade templates" for Hyena Cart.

Shameless plug here: email me if you're interested in purchasing one of the designs below and I'll offer it to you at a lower price than on my Hyena Cart. :)

Sample 1:

Sample 2:

Sample 3:

Sample 4:

Sample 5:

Sample 6:

Sample 7:

Sample 8:

Sample 9:

Sample 10:

Sample 11:

Sample 12:

Sample 13:

Sample 14:

Sample 15:

The vote for their design was split; some liked the ice cream idea of a la mode, others liked a chic-boutique look (a la mode means "to the fashion" in french), and others liked a parisian-type theme.

I worked with the admin on quite a few different ideas and in the end they decided to go back to the original ice cream theme. Their little kawaii ice creams make me hungry! And they make me smile at the same time. :)

I'll post pics as soon as their design is complete!

Tina :)

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