Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hyena Cart Design for "Northwoods Toys"

I loved working with Jen on her husband's new Hyena Cart design! Jen does hand-painted shirts and totebags; her husband makes hand-crafted wooden toys. Their work is so gorgeous!

They were looking for a woodsy-type feel to match their logo and the items he creates. My favorite part about working on this design with them was drooling over their creations every time I updated their Hyena Cart. :)

"Northwoods Toys" Hyena Cart Design:


In exchange, Jen made 4 beautiful shirts for our boys. A turtle and train for AJ (he's 2), and an elephant and a firetruck for K3 (he's 4). Pics coming soon!

Thanks for such a lovely trade Jen!

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