Monday, November 24, 2008

Hyena Cart Design for "Zabi Baby"

Glorimar from "Zabi Baby" is one of the kindest ladies I've worked with. She sells diapers and covers at her Hyena Cart shop. She was looking for a nice, earthy design with leaves and branches to match her pretty logo.

Here's her finished Hyena Cart design:


In exchange, she made me some beautiful bamboo velour prefolds and a wonderful cover. (Pics coming soon!) Thanks for a fantastic trade Glorimar!

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rosebuds007 said...

I was looking for that earth look in my store (I just love leaves and branches, it was even the theme of our wedding). And she just surprised me with this beautiful design, I love your work. You sure understand your custumers requests even when is hard to explain. Thanks for making my store beautiful!!!!!

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