Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Busy on the Homefront :)

Life has been busy for the past couple of weeks. :)

July 4th - We enjoyed celebrating with our extended family and watching the fireworks.

July 6th - Celebrated our youngest son's birthday with a "Speed Racer"-themed party. :)

July 6th - We had to give away our sweet dog Ellie and we're still missing her like crazy (though not missing the destruction she's been causing to our house - sigh. Lots of cleanup and hundreds of dollars worth of repairs to make. Thankfully she went to a wonderful family who is taking great care of her).

July 8th - Enjoyed our eldest son's Capoeira class.

July 9th - Cub Scout committee meeting and Roundtable.

July 10th - DH and I taught a Dutch Oven cooking class. :)

July 11th - Enjoyed our eldest son's Capoeira roda; he's so fun to watch! He really enjoys the songs, martial arts moves, ginga, cartwheels, and etc.

July 12th - Went to my parent's Church for my sister Tiffany's mission farewell. She's going on a mission to Moscow, Russia (we're members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) for 18 months! We're so excited for her and very proud of her.

July 13th - Recorded some songs with my sisters from our Christmas concert. The recording went really well and we were surprised and happy to realize how much we remember from December. :) My sisters and I have a singing group "Galesong" that we started, although it will be somewhat on hold for awhile when Tiffany goes to Russia - teehee!

And tonight we're excited to go do Scouts and then see the new "Harry Potter" movie!

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