Friday, July 24, 2009

Mock-ups for "Ruby Rocket's Diaper Co." Header

I'm working with Jessica to design her new Hyena Cart shop and having such a fun time!

Jessica's idea was, "a VERY retro feel, bright red, white...I am hoping for a 50's (ish) woman sitting on a rocket with a line of diapers flying behind. I know this is elaborate, I am not sure if it is even do-able. But this is a general idea of what I am looking for."

I looked through hundreds of different fifties women and found a couple that I just love for this project! I also enjoyed finding a rocket that looks perfect for Jessica's look, creating the fitted cloth diapers, "clothesline", clothespins, and starry sky background to match.

So far I think it's coming together very nicely!

Mock-up 1:
- 1st retro font
- white end diaper
- red rocket with white border to match shop name border
- 50s lady with hand up

Mock-up 2:
- 2nd retro font
- yellow end diaper
- red rocket with black border
- 50s lady looking at shop name

Fonts, colors, images, backgrounds, etc. can all be changed. :)

Click to view larger:

Copyright notice:
Rocket image is provided by Nikolai Bird under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. See more of his incredible work here:
Retro 50s women are in the public domain and hosted by Brian at:

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