Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Banners to Support "Light the Night" in Honor of Brianna

Today I read Tammy's story about her sweet daughter Brianna, who had T-Cell Leukemia. Every year Tammy's family participates in the "Light the Night" walk and does a fundraiser in honor of Brianna. (See this link for the full story: "Light the Night" for Breezy).

I was very touched by Brianna's story and thought I'd create some animated banners for Tammy to hopefully spread the word about the fundraiser. I'm so glad that she liked the banners! See this link for Tammy's store: Bella Bean's Knits & Things.

Standard Sized Banners (468x60):

DiaperSwappers Siggy Sized Blinkies (150x50):

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