Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Charity Banners for Katie's Auction

One of the ladies on one of my forums (Katie from "Ewe Need It") is going through a rough time right now. Her husband has a tumor next to his heart and the family is having a lot of financial problems due to the surgeries.

Another kind lady (Amber from "Fairytale Boutique") is setting up auctions to help Katie and her family.

I wanted to do something to help so I designed a couple of animated banners to help announce the auctions. I made them to match Amber's shop and also included the cute little lamb from Katie's shop.

Here's the 468x60 standard web-sized banner:

And this is the 150x50 DiaperSwappers siggy-sized banner:

Note: I'm putting these animated banners in the public domain. Anyone is welcome to copy them and use them in advertising the auctions for Katie. :)

Here are some instructions I wrote up for getting the blinkies to link in DiaperSwapper's Signatures:

* Right click on the 150x50 size button above, choose "save image as" and save it to your computer, then upload it to your Photobucket account

* Go into your Photobucket account, find the button, and copy the code for "Direct Link"

* Log in to DiaperSwappers, go to "User CP" on the top left bar and choose "Edit Signature"

* Scroll down to "Edit Signature"

* Use the following code as an example of how to make a clickable link:


* Copy the code above, paste it into your DS Signature Editor, and remove the + signs before the [+url] and [+IMG] codes above

* Replace the part after "url=" with the url of your HC. Be sure to keep the quotations there

* Replace the part after [IMG] with the "Direct Link" image code from your Photobucket account

* Be sure to leave all the rest of the coding in place (the [] symbols, etc)

* Click "Preview Signature" and your button should now click to the correct place!

* When finished, click "Save Signature"

Hoping the buttons bring lots of customers to Amber's shop and help raise money for Katie and her family.

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