Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Excited to be Part of "The Spotted Box"!

We're excited to once again be part of "The Spotted Box". The Box is a fantastic advertising tool for small businesses, and a great opportunity for shoppers to try samples from past favorites and newcomers.

Boxes will be on sale on March 15th!
Hyena Cart Spotted Box available at 12pm, 3pm, & 6pm
Etsy Spotted Box available after 12pm EST

Here's our listing:
(click to view larger)

More about The Spotted Box...from the main site:

What is it?
The Spotted Box is a box of family-oriented, eco-friendly samples from independent crafters, all packaged together and sent directly to you! Designed with the young family in mind, these handmade samples are focused on children and their mothers.

What does it have in it?
The Spotted Box can include samples like: Bath and body, doublers, candles, bookmarks, candy, stationery, bibs, wool food, toys, paper arts, wipes, wool wash, tarts, mama pads, dish clothes, teas, food, dog treats, gift certificates, magnets, pens, hair products, jewelry and more!

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