Thursday, September 9, 2010

Diaper Testers for "Busy Bums"

Jerrica is making a new diaper pattern and I'm excited that I was able to test it out!

Note: This post is very picture heavy. :)

I tested the NB and Small front aplix patterns. I decided to do 2 other patterns at the same time for comparison's sake, and naturally forgot to add a seam allowance for the Busy Bum pattern. Ack!

So I made a 3rd Busy Bum and added seam allowance to that one. Sorry about that. I must say on the first NB one without adding in seam allowance it makes for a really, really tiny, adorable diaper! LOL.

Specs are the same for all diapers:
Outer - Fun knit
Hidden - Stretch terry
Inner - Bamboo fleece

Tri-fold soaker with 1 layer microfiber; 1 layer Bamboo fleece. *In my hurry to get these done I forgot to account for the amount of stretch the diapers would have in the rise. I'll be re-making the soakers so they're longer - teehee.

I took the waist and thigh measurements of my son's bear and discovered he's exactly the size of an average newborn (waist: 16", thigh: 7"), so "Cosmo" is our model for today. We'll have an actual model in about 6 months. :)

Click any image to view larger:

All 5 diapers next to a 7" ruler.
From L-R: Busy Bum Small (*forgot to add seam allowance), Darling Diaper Newborn Small, Busy Bum Newborn, Goodness Gracious Newborn, Busy Bum Newborn (*forgot to add seam allowance).

3 BB diapers on top (Small w/o seam allowance, Newborn, Newborn w/o seam allowance); 2 bottom are DD and GG:

Backs of diapers:

Insides (some of the microfiber towels were green; others yellow - makes for some with a strange hue in the pics!)

Three BB diapers insides:

Side view of three BB diapers:

Inside of BB newborn w/o seam allowance, with tri-soaker unsnapped:

My hand next to the BB newborn w/o seam allowance:

BB Small w/o seam allowance:

BB Newborn with seam allowance:

BB Newborn w/o seam allowance:

DD Newborn Small:

GG Newborn:

Jerrica, thanks again for letting me test the pattern! It was a lot of fun and the diapers turned out really cute.

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