Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mock-ups for "Tessa Ann"

Tessa Ann creates the most beautiful buttons and I'm so excited to be working on updating her Hyena Cart design with her.

She wanted labels for her top navigation bar, buttons or her bird incorporated into her left navigation bar, scalloped edges for the table borders, and the colors aqua, red, white, and medium-toned pink.

We started out using her darling logo and I thought for her Hyena Cart it would be nice to have a larger header. I redesigned the header to match closely to her original, but with sharper images. I tried a couple of different backgrounds; one plain white and one with light blue dots to match her header.

Let me know what you think! Click image to view larger:

1 comment:

Tessa Ann* said...

Eeek!!!!! I looove it! Emailing you now :D

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