Monday, August 1, 2011

Babyville Boutique Supplies!

Announcing the most amazing thing to come to cloth diapering in years!!!

Babyville Boutique contains everything you need in order to get started with sewing your own cloth diapers. Wahoo! How-to books, patterns, darling waterproof (PUL) fabrics, velcro-type closures, snaps, appliques, labels, and more!

Babyville Boutique will be in stores such as Joanns, Hancocks, and Hobby Lobby the end of September. Save your coupons!

My Design Tester package arrived last week and I sewed up my most favorite diaper ever for our baby girl. :) Also had a chance to cut out more diapers and will work on those when we return home from vacation.

Sneak peak at my new supplies:

Pics of my favorite diaper:

Wonderful fit on baby girl:

Diaper cover in progress:

Diaper cuts all ready to be sewn up:

Thanks so much to Jean for letting me be part of the Team. So excited for an easy way to get beautiful diaper-sewing supplies!

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