Friday, January 7, 2011

Soaker Sack Tutorial

This is a picture tutorial I made for Joanna's "Soaker Sack" pattern.
Final looks like this!

The original pattern is by Joanna (aka homeschoolmama6), my friend from the Diaper Sewing Divas forum. :)

Please let me know if everything makes sense!

1 - Print/cut out pattern (I also wrote Joanna's instructions on mine so they'd be close by when I was sewing)

2 - Cut out fabric

3 - Hem/Serge bottom edges of Top and Bottom layers. Fold up bottom edge of Bottom layer as indicated on pattern.

4 - Place Top layer on Bottom layer, right sides together. Bottom layer's folded bottom should be fairly even with Top layer's hemmed/serged bottom.
Mark left side of Top and Bottom layers as indicated on the pattern.
Sew/Serge right and left sides of Soaker Sack, being careful to catch all layers.
On left side, be sure to leave opening as indicated on pattern.

5 - Hem/Serge left top sides of both Top and Bottom layers (don't sew the Top to the Bottom layer though!)

6 - Hem/Serge both sides of Waistband.

7 - Fold Waistband in half lengthwise, right side out, matching up hemmed/serged edges. Use a pin to mark the middle of the Waistband.

8 - Place Waistband inside Soaker Sack, right sides together. Line up one of the hemmed/serged edges with the Bottom layer of the Soaker. Raw edge of Waistband should be even with raw edge of Bottom layer.
Stretch the Waistband and pin the middle to the other side of the Bottom layer of the Soaker.

9 - Sew/Serge Waistband to Bottom layer, stretching Waistband as you go.
Remove pin when you get to the middle of the Waistband and continue to stretch Waistband and sew/serge to Top layer.

10 - Waistband serged to Top and Bottom layers; on the top right you can see where the opening is.

11 - Turn Soaker Sack right-side-out and Topstitch along top edge of Top and Bottom layers. (This step isn't necessary, but does make for a more finished-looking Soaker Sack).

Soaker Sack closeup showing top-stitching:

12 - With Soaker Sack right-side-out, turn flap from Bottom layer inside-out and center Snap Socket on wrong side of fabric.

13 - Turn flap from Bottom layer right-side out and center Snap Stud on right side of Top layer.

14 - On the right-hand side of the Soaker Sack find the hemmed/serged opening.
Set one Socket in the middle of the Waistband, about 1" from the edge, and one Socket about 1.5" below the first, on the Bottom layer.
Set matching Studs on the other side of the Waistband and on the Top layer.

15 - Snap everything together and you're finished!

16 - Soaker Sack modeled on newborn-sized bear:

17 - Soaker Sack un-snapped at bottom and folded up to show the amount of room for the "newborn's" toes. :)

Thanks so much for a fantastic pattern Joanna! Excited to try it on our newborn in a few months. :)

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