Saturday, May 2, 2009

About our New JoyfulRose Site Design

About the new Design:

My husband suggested that I sketch out the new design and then he'd help me figure out how to incorporate it within the Hyena Cart parameters (it can be a bit tricky!) In March I spent about a week sketching the design and creating the appropriate images.

Our shop name, JoyfulRose, came about when our family was going through a very difficult time several years ago. I reflected on my experiences and decided that I wanted to focus on finding more joy in life. The "rose" part of the name comes from my middle name, Roseann. I am named after my wonderful grandmother whose kindness and generosity I have always tried to live up to.

I loved the idea of creating a rose vine for the border of my design and my husband suggested that I create a briar patch-type background. Originally, the background I created was made of browns. After trying it out with the rose vine and header, however, we decided greens helped the main design stand out.

My husband helped me with the coding so that the rose vine borders appear to be on top of the briar background as you scroll down. This is one of my favorite aspects of the design!

Unfortunately, right after we finished the coding my computer caught a virus and then the hard drive started failing. :( We installed a new hard drive, cleaned up the computer, and I'm excited to finally have my new design online!

To enter our new design contest please see this link:
JoyfulRose New Design Contest!!!

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