Thursday, May 14, 2009

And the winner is.....pantufla13!!!!

Thank you to everyone who commented on my Blog to let me know how I can improve my Hyena Cart! I appreciate how well thought-out each of the comments was.

Pantufla13, I'll email you to find out which of the following you'd like: Animated Banner, Twitter Design, or Business Card Design!

Crystalb, Angela, Melanie, Thiry47, April Joy, and First, as a special thank you for taking the time to post such helpful comments, I'd like to offer each of you 50% off of your choice of: Animated Banner, Twitter Design, or Business Card Design. Here's the link to my site so that you can see samples of previous work and pricing: JoyfulRose Online Shop. I'll also be emailing each of you this afternoon. :)

Edited to add: I emailed everyone whose email addresses I could find. If you didn't receive an email from me please let me know your address. Thanks!

Next week I'll work on adding a custom logo design option, changing the "About" so it doesn't open in a new tab, and embedding images on my HC (especially in the "Portfolio" section). In the future I'll plan to expand beyond HC, Etsy, and ArtFire; just need to practice my coding skills so that I feel comfortable with that. :)

Here's a screenshot of our random number generator (visit this link for the actual website where you can generate your own random numbers):

Speaking of random number always reminds me of this silly Dilbert cartoon (which my husband and I quote all the time!):

Thanks again for taking time out of your busy lives to comment about my Hyena Cart; I appreciate the help,
Tina :)

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