Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mockups for "Loving Touch Wetbags" Part IV

Heather liked the idea of having a transparent table so that you can see the background behind it. She also wanted the header font a bit different.

Here are some mockups of the new design! (click any image to view larger)

First mockup - the background on this one is "fixed", meaning that when you scroll down, you see the same image as you scroll; the background doesn't move as you scroll (hard to capture in a still image, but imaging that you scrolled from the top down to the bottom)

Second mockup - the background is not "fixed", meaning that as you scroll down, the image stays up at the top of the site.

Third mockup - this is a sample of what the background might look like on a smaller monitor (the above examples are with a monitor of 1440 px width; this is about 875 px wide)

Note: In the mockup stage of the HC design I use images straight from online sources to get a feel for my client's wants. Once they've chosen an image they love, I purchase the image from the online source and the final HC design contains a royalty-free image with no watermark. :)

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