Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Custom Polar Bear Socks for Kyla

I'm finally remembering to post these pictures; sorry about the wait Kyla!

Kyla is my good friend from "Canoe Creek Soap Co."; she makes some of my most favorite soaps and I love trading with her! Try out her pink sugar soaps. Mmmmm. :)

She was looking for some Polar Bear Socks for herself and her son. Hers are zebra stripes with fleece bottoms and should come up to her calf. Axel's are the blue and the Transformers with grippie bottoms and should come up to about his knee.

I made Axel's a little bit longer than I thought he'd need because I know how fast kids grow!

I'm still testing out my patterns so I hope these are as functional as they are cute. :)

Kyla's Zebra Polar Bear Socks:

Axel's Polar Bear Socks (I must admit; the Transformers are my favorite! My 5-year-old saw them and was immediately in love. :) I need to make him some...and soon!)

Tops and Bottoms of each pair:

All packaged up and ready to ship!

Hope you and Axel enjoy these!

Tina :)

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