Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mockups for "lili lutu" Part 2

lili likes the purples but wanted the blossoms in the background to match the sizes of those in the actual bouquet.

Here are a few more mockups. :)

1 - dark purple background, somewhat larger blossoms, white header, medium purple table color
2 - lighter purple background, somewhat smaller blossoms, light purple header, light purple table color (3, 4, and 5 also have the same header and table colors)
3 - medium purple background, lots of sparklies
4 - dark purple background, large sparkles
5 - lighter purple background, smaller sparkles

Click image to view larger:
This is one of my favorite parts of the Hyena Cart design process! I love working with my clients to find the perfect header and background for their needs. It's incredible to watch it all come together. :)

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