Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mockups for "zingee zou"

lili wanted a different font for the header, the header text moved to the right, and a different shade of orange for the main table background. She also gave me a link to some palette colors she wanted to try (thanks so much for the link! Very helpful!)

Mockup 1:
- wonton font
- text lower right
- font effects

Mockup 2:
- beautiful font
- text lower right
- font effects

Mockup 3:
- same as 2, but with a thin red-orange border around header

Mockup 4:
- dark brown header background
- embellishment next to text

Mockup 5:
- same as 4 but header slightly shorter and no font effects

Let me know what you think!

I also thought I'd put together a couple of different color palettes that match lily's beautiful hand-painted background.

Color Palette 1:

Color Palette 2:

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