Monday, February 15, 2010

Haiti Relief Effort

JoyfulRose is proud to be a part of the Haiti Relief Effort at Hyena Cart.

From the main site:
"This event is being organized by Jennifer of Three Pears. The purpose is to bring together as many people as possible in one event to benefit those affected by the earthquakes in Haiti. Each artist will donate their creations on their own terms, and the profits will be donated to the Red Cross to help fund the recovery effort and then later rebuilding in that region."

I've donated 4 slots for the winner's choice of one of my Printable Images and 1 slot for a custom animated banner.

The auctions for the Printable Images are now live! Please visit the site and help support the people of Haiti.

Our auctions:
Slot #1
Slot #2
Slot #3
Slot #4

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