Monday, February 22, 2010

Spoonflower Contest: Snow!

Spoonflower is an amazing company where users upload designs and the company turns them into beautiful fabrics, available for purchase by everyone!

We've finally decided to be brave and enter our first contest at Spoonflower. Theme: Snow.

I LOVE the Retro Snowflake Tree design I created in November and thought it would make a gorgeous fabric. I created 5 more colors for a total of 9 different colored trees. My awesome husband suggested placing some of the trees upside down. I made the background a very light blue and added larger, matching snowflakes for greater contrast and depth to the design.

Here's my entry image! (click image to view larger)

And here are a few closeups of my fabric design (click images to view larger):

Click the following link to visit my fabric shop at Spoonflower: JoyfulRose at Spoonflower

1 comment:

Indigo~Mama said...

love it! I bet you will get alot of votes!

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