Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spoonflower and Boba Baby Carrier Contest: Nature!

Spoonflower has teamed up with Boba Baby Carriers for a new fabric design contest. Theme: Nature.

I LOVED this contest! I use baby carriers constantly with our boys and know what a lifesaver they can be. :) I wanted my fabric to reflect how I feel when I'm carrying my own children. The safety, comfort, and most of all, hope for the fantastic lives they'll have.

I always enjoyed seeing the cherry blossoms in the springtime when we lived near Washington, DC. I decided that was a perfect center for me.

My fabric description:
Delicate cherry blossoms bring thoughts of the new life of a child. Hope for who he can become. Hope for her positive influence on others. Hope through innocence and purity. Hope for the future.

Here are the ideas I toyed with. The third one is, of course, my favorite. I would love to have a carrier made with this fabric!
Click images to view larger.
(Note: original picture of baby carrier is from the Boba Baby Carrier site.

Contest Entry submitted!

Closeup of Fabric:

Full View:

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