Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spotted Box Samples Sent

I've participated in The Spotted Box before and loved it! It's a fantastic way to advertise and I really enjoy receiving my own box. :)

Next month they have an ad set up for "Mothering Magazine", which should bring in a large amount of traffic.

I decided to offer my mini-samples again for The Box, using three of my newer, most popular printable images: "Goldfish in a Baggie", "Chocolate Rainbow Lollipop", and "Modern Tree of Life". I included printed instructions for ironing on the transfer, along with a business card with a discount code printed on the back. :)

Look for us in The Spotted Box on the 15th of March, April, and May!

Mini Samples cut out and ready to be assembled.
Some samples stapled together.
(click images to view larger)

Packaged in zip-top baggies to prevent any water damage while in transit and make sorting easier for April and Jordan.
Signed, sealed, and (soon-to-be) delivered! I love that they all fit in a Priority Mail Envelope.

Note: yes, this endeavor did take several days to complete. Oh how I love seeing finished projects ready to be delivered!

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