Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dental Surgery for Our Youngest :(

Our youngest son went through 1.5 hours of dental surgery today. We were extremely worried about him, but he did really well and the dentist, anesthesiologist, and staff were wonderful.

We received the phone call last night that his surgery was scheduled for this morning. The receptionist scheduled us but forgot to call us (whoops!). We were very surprised to receive a phone call from the anesthesiologist asking if we had any questions about our son's surgery the next morning!

Everything was sorted out quickly, then the surgery before us cancelled, so we were moved up to 7:30am. At least we didn't have very long to stress about the upcoming surgery, right?

Our sweet little guy ended up quite a few crowns. We felt terrible for him. Especially since we brush his teeth fairly regularly and had no idea there was any problem until his first dentist visit on Monday.

He's a trooper though, and we're hoping he'll feel better very quickly.

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