Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy Birthday K3!

Our son's birthday was today and we had such a fun day with him. He lost a tooth last night and was excited that the tooth fairy gets to come visit tonight. :)

His sweet little brother woke him up this morning by kissing his cheek and saying, "Happy Birthday!" It warmed my heart. These two kiddos really love each other and I feel so blessed.

K3 wanted "those donuts with melted sugar on top" (glazed) for his school birthday treats and I was excited that his teacher actually let him pass the treats out to his classmates. We went to his "favorite Chinese restaurant" for dinner and he loved his "favorite teriyaki chicken". His Daddy bought a Monster Truck card for him with a big "6" on the front. He was thrilled. :)

He received many phone calls today from relatives and it was so cute to see him talking on the phone with everyone. He even got a birthday postcard from his dentist! He thought that was pretty cool.

We had Scouts tonight so we made chocolate chip cookies with them in honor of K3's birthday (it also counts for part of the Cooking Achievement for the Scouts and hey, who doesn't like cookies?!)

K3 received a Buzz Lightyear Lego Rocket and Toy Story pajamas. He was so excited and spent all of Scouts putting together the rocket by himself. He did a fantastic job.

After the Scouts left K3 blew out the candles on his giant birthday cookie and then shared it with all of us. What a sweetheart. We read through his photo album that Oma and Opa made for his 4th birthday. He loved seeing all the pics of himself with his loved ones.

Tonight he told us this was his best birthday ever. :)

May you have many, many, many more wonderful birthdays with us sweetheart. We love you!

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