Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Little Sister is Married!

Congratulations Tami! Thanks for letting us share your beautiful day. We love you so much.

Here's a collage I created to help remember their day. (Click images to view larger)
Pictures taken by my Mom (Cynthia) from CBG Photography

Our amazing jewelry was custom made for us by lili from lili lutu:

We had a blizzard on Monday night and the snow was covering all of the pretty flowers the next morning. Tami had wanted a nice, spring wedding but ended up with a winter wedding. Poor thing!

It was very cold and windy after the wedding, but my Tami and Robbie looked radiant. I don't think they stopped smiling the whole day! Mom took pictures after the wedding and then we went to the wedding luncheon. The food was so delicious.

Afterwards we had the reception and me, another sister, and our cousin sang "Annie's Song" for Robbie and Tami. They cut their cake, did the bouquet and garter toss, had their first dance as a married couple, did the father/daughter dance (which brought tears to my eyes; it was so sweet), the mother/son dance, lots of other fun dances, and then we bid them farewell!

My husband and sons looked very handsome in their kilts. As bridesmaids we loved our beautiful dresses that were made by a family friend. There were so many people who helped out with the wedding and it made for an amazing day.

The short version of how they met: Tami went to Washington, DC to do her student teaching internship. Robbie was visiting the States from Scotland at the time and they met near the end of Tami's internship. After they both returned home, they started emailing and talking through webcam, became best friends, and started "dating". Several months later, Robbie came out to the States to visit and proposed to Tami! It took a year to get Robbie's visa sorted and the wedding planned. And the rest is now history. :)

Thank you to everyone who helped make it a wonderful, memorable day!

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